KB21.082   Title: It Enters Into What We Become (by Morph.Love). Role: morph member. Exhibited: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Gallery 3, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Disorientation happens when our senses slip off the atlas of common knowledge; it is also an invitation to know differently. Without a visual reference like a stable horizon, humans rely on the non-visual senses to re-ground themselves. It Enters Into What We Become (Centre for Disorientation), a new presentation of work by multidisciplinary design collective Morph.Love in Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Gallery 3, is an invitation to lose ourselves inside a total environment. Eighteen members of the ever-evolving international group explore disorientation by creating a looping sequence of multisensory encounters. Arranged as five porous sections that build and double-back on each other to create an exploratory labyrinth, It Enters Into What We Become meditates on a cryptic healing process that never fully makes itself known. From an exploration of how algorithms alchemise emotional expressions into hard cash, to a chilly digital fire that bucks our sensory codex, and a trippy VR voyage through the body, the exhibition extends this sense of disorientation through a sequence of abstracted wellness rituals. It Enters Into What We Become rejects the linear-progressive spatial flow typical of exhibitions, instead choosing to end where it begins. Following the intense virtual yogic foray into a body grotto, viewers are shuttled through an express passage back to the entrance. Here, the supersensory ‘we’ built throughout the different rooms begins to slacken back into an ‘I’: viewers recover from their intense journey before re-entering the world. Conceived as a collaborative transformative process, Morph.Love’s latest presentation reframes disorientation as an eternal state of becoming. (Photos by Donghwan Kam & Koos, Graphics by Lana Arih)